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Available from: June 24, 2024
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24 month warranty


24 month warranty



U90 System holder 90 cm

The U90 bathroom handle from the URBAN collection is a modern solution that combines three basic functions: a towel holder, a toilet paper holder, and a shelf for a soap dispenser. This multifunctional piece of equipment has been designed to maximize space and optimize bathroom functionality.

The product is characterized by a linear design that emphasizes its modern character. The simple and elegant form makes the U90 harmoniously fit into various styles of arrangement, from minimalist to more classic interiors. Made of high-quality materials, the U90 is durable and resistant to moisture, which is important in the bathroom environment.

The design of the U90 handle allows for convenient storage and easy access to towels and toilet paper, while offering practical space for a soap dispenser. The integration of these functions in one product contributes to better organization of bathroom space, eliminating the need to install many separate accessories.

The availability of versions with mounting on the left or right side increases the flexibility of using the U90 handle in different bathroom layouts, allowing for adaptation to the individual needs of the user and the specifics of the space.

The U90 bathroom handle is an advanced solution for modern bathrooms, combining functionality with aesthetics and durability.


Product details

Integrated toilet paper holder - provides convenient access to toilet paper, eliminating the need for installing additional elements.

Towel rack - allows for practical storage of towels, maintaining order and hygiene in the bathroom.

Soap dispenser shelf - offers additional space for a soap dispenser or other accessories, optimizing space and facilitating order maintenance.

Multifunctionality: The U90 system holder is a comprehensive solution that integrates several functions into one compact product. This not only saves space but also simplifies the organization of space in the bathroom.

Modern design: The linear, minimalist shape of the holder adds elegance and modernity to the interior. Excellent finish and attention to detail make the holder a stylish decorative element of any bathroom.

Left and right versions: The U90 model is available in two variants - with a holder on the left or right side, allowing it to be adapted to individual needs and the layout of the bathroom space.

Materials and workmanship: The U80 system holder is made of high-quality materials, which guarantee its durability and resistance to moisture. The solid construction ensures long-term use, and the ease of assembly makes the product user-friendly.


Technical info

Model: U90

Material: stainless steel

Standard finishes: black RAL9005 / white RAL9003

Special finishes: Brushed steel, Brushed black, Brushed copper, Brushed gold

EAN: 5905489902959

Dimension: W900xD86xH40 mm

Weight: 1,60 kg

Installation: Mounting kit included

Warranty: 2-year warranty.

Returns: 30 days

Delivery: Door-to-Door delivery DPD, DHL

Shipping date: June 24, 2024 

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