The world of the bathroom has a special place in our projects. We observe it constantly and focus a lot of attention on it. Its function in the living space means that working on it is always a challenge for us, because not all the solutions used so far seem to be obvious. Thanks to this, we implement our own ideas, implement our own ideas and present our own solutions, in which there is no room for compromise. The implementation of this philosophy has allowed us to create products whose form and usability creates good design. Today, regardless of its character and individuality, we encourage you to visit our world of bathrooms, with the words: Welcome to your new bathroom, captivated by its new style, functionality and friendly atmosphere.


Our mission is to constantly improve skills and experiment with the balance between man and architecture, between innovation and organization, between automation and manual work. People and their environment are at the center of our vision. Processing materials such as aluminum, metal and composites, commitment to environmental sustainability: these are the reasons why we implemented a technologically complex production process. Each stage of production - from cutting, machining, painting, assembly, to packaging, is subject to strict quality control.


Our team consists of professional and competent specialists with extensive experience in the architectural and product manufacturing industry, incl. made of titanium, nickel, nickel-based materials such as Inconel, Nimonic, or Hastelloy as well as stainless, acid-resistant steels and aluminum. We provide specialized materials from which we make our products. We are always ready to help.


It takes us a long time to make our products because we create them by hand. Our personal passion in creating them means a different energy, deeper commitment, and a responsible way of working. ​ All our products are characterized by the highest reliability and resistance to water. The knowledge and experience of our employees allow us to maintain high production standards.


What we do, we do with passion. We leave nothing to chance: we attach great importance to the selection of raw materials and details, because it all adds up to the highest quality of products


When we work, we like to be inspired by what surrounds us. Our products say who we are and what we value. We believe in new, user-friendly solutions and technologies because we like to break stereotypes in our way of working.


From the general concept to the rigorous selection of materials and components, attention to every detail. All stages of the process of creating Molteforme products are subject to constant quality control. Thanks to this, we can guarantee customers all over the world a high degree of satisfaction with the use of our products. Our products have gained recognition of customers in 24 countries around the world.